Welcome to EvilGiegue's site! Here is presented a collection of various projects I've made over the years in different programming languages. Most of them are fan games, meaning that they are based on already established franchises and characters. Games are sorted by the programming language used to make them. The Misc. section includes other things I've done that don't relate to my games.

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Shockwave Games

Mommy! |Kirby Stars |Mommy! Funfest version |Iron Duel |Newton's Nightmare

You will need Macromedia's Shockwave Player to play some of these games. Click here if you need to install it.

Completed May 2004

This is what the first version of this game should have been, and the closest to my original vision. Instead of expanding on the original engine, I decided to scrap it completely and start over from scratch, using what I learned from making Kirby Stars.

Like the Funfest version, this is a shooter game based on the Super NES RPG EarthBound. However, it improves on it in every possible way, with better controls, more levels, a greater variety in gameplay, more enemies and bosses, and selectable playable characters.

Click here to download (2.82 Mb)

Kirby Stars
Completed December 2001
*Updated July 2004*

This is a platform game mimicking the engine used in the Super Nintendo game "Kirby Super Star". The objective is to get through different hazardous environments to reach the goal. The main feature in this demo are the controls; in addition to walking and jumping, the player can run, fly, slide, and swallow enemies.

Click here to play

Mommy! Funfest version
Completed October 2001

This game was created for Starmen.net's "Halloween Funfest 2001" event. It mixes the story and characters from the Super Nintendo game EarthBound with gameplay inspired from the Pocky & Rocky series of shooter games. In addition to the standard beam weapon, you can use a baseball bat for defense and close-range attack. The goal is to reach the end of two stages inhabited by ten distinct types of enemies and defeat the boss.

Click here to play
Click here to download (1.14 Mb)

Iron Duel
Completed Fall 2001

This is a fighting game using the battle system and characters from the great but unfortunately underated game Zelda II: Adventure of Link for the NES. It can be played alone against an artificial intelligence or with two players.

Click here to play
Click here to download (1.05 Mb)

Newton's Nightmare
Completed March 2001
*Updated November 2004*

My first Shockwave game, created as a midterm assignement. The objective was to put basic notions such as collision detection and keyboard input in application. Extra features added include a radar system, "realistic" physics for the player vehicule and some parallax effect for the background.

You play as a gravity-defying apple trying to collect flowers while avoiding fruit flies. The premise is simple enough, but the game gets tougher as more enemies appear on the field.

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QBasic Games

Duck and Cover! | I love Cheesy Poofs!

Duck and Cover!
Completed Fall 1999

This is a South Park version of the old "avoid stuff falling from the sky" theme. Score points by surviving as long as you can. The premise is nearly as old as video games themselves, and yet it is still strangely addictive.

Warning: This game contains some mature language.

Click here to download
(Zipped executable file, 41.4Kb)
I Love Cheesy Poofs!
Completed Fall 1999

This is the very last game I made in QBasic before I moved on to Lingo. It is essentially a Pacman clone with a twist; the stage is as straightforward as can be and presents no obstacle. This makes it very difficult to find a safe spot or a path to the next collectible without being seen by the enemy characters.

Warning: This game contains some mature language.

Click here to download
(Zipped executable file, 35.1Kb)

Weird Junk
Miscellaneous things

EarthBound (NES) map

Unlike most other RPGS, the EarthBound series doesn't use a separate, scale map for the overworld. Every area, from towns to the roads between them, is fully explorable. This is a complete map of the overworld of the first game of the series. It was made by using an hack to walk through walls and taking screenshots of every area. Unsurprisingly, the full version is huge, and is only recommended for good computers.

Small version
(GIF format, 922 KB)
Full version
(PNG format, 7.9MB zipped)
Text Dumps

Text dumps are compilations of the text data extracted directly from a game's ROM. This is mainly useful for people who want to check important story points without having to replay through the whole game, or simply want to make sure they haven't missed important dialogue. These Zelda games use text compression, which makes them harder to rip than most other games. These files can also be found on GameFAQs.com and Zelda Legends.

Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
A Link to the Past (GBA)